Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Riding Time

The boys are off at school. It was a tad sad, says I who spent almost the entire day after they left in bed, wallowing in a fit of depression. But eventually I began to smile again. And now I notice the house is cleaner, I don't have to shut doors to keep the boys out, I can go to sleep and not hear the pounding of the stereo base. I still miss them, but I'm also enjoying a new kind of freedom.

Last week I disappeared to Blowing Rock with some friends of mine. We brought our horses (Beth's husband is a real trouper for putting up with all us women and our beasts) and settled into a small bed & breakfast that we rented. This was wonderful because we were the only ones there and thus we were able to use the kitchen for our breakfasts and lunches.

Off to the stables - full of color and life. Our equines were buzzing and excited about being away from home. Everyone gets jazzed on a trip. Like us in the house, each had their own room to relax in once our daily ride was done.

We rode under God's canopy, snippets of sunlight bursting through the pewter clouds heavy with water. Leaves all shades of green overhead while the ground was dusty. It was dry country. Everyone wished it would rain. But it didn't.

On we road around the trails in Moses Cone park. Up to the big house overlooking the lake. Circling up the mountain to the peak to view the valleys. Then down again to the lake to watch the geese.

The soft noises of the horse, sneezes, breathing, clopping of hooves. Tension drains from you -- until a deer leaps and the horse sees. HA That's enough to tuck your toes and push down your heels.

Horses grazing among the flowers and bees. Harmony between all creatures. What do they know that we humans don't?

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Moving Day

Tomorrow is moving day for Tom. He's heading off to UNC-Chapel Hill to begin his sophomore year. And boy is he jazzed and excited to return to his friends (and freedom). Then Saturday, we move Jim to NC State for his freshman year.

Ed and I are ... frazzled. I believe we'll both collapse Saturday night and won't move until we have to return to work on Monday morning.

Sometimes I think getting kids ready for college is more difficult than raising them. After all, they're "adults" now and know everything. Packing shouldn't take more than a couple of hours. (No, Jim. Packing is not having your possessions placed in piles around your room. Packing means just that...placing these piles into boxes and suitcases for transport.)

Last minute shopping is a must. After we drop Tom off tomorrow, Jim has it planned that we're going to stop at Costco to purchase boxes of goodies for him to take with him Saturday.


We've been after theses boys for weeks to make lists, check clothes, order text books on the tax free weekend, and place all their packed items in the living room (currently renamed: staging area).

Tom has - although we're still doing laundry.

Jim ... well ... he's working at the pool until 9 tonight, then he plans to visit friends until late this evening. He hasn't really staged at all.

Perhaps I should purchase ear plugs as a precaution for some yelling that might occur?? Perhaps I'm being overly concerned? Perhaps .....

Will we survive moving our two children into college?

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Old Friends

There was a pleasant surprise waiting for me in my email box the other day. A message from one of my college buddies with addresses to others that were in my "posse." Gosh, I haven't thought about them in a very, very long time. It's not that they're gone from my life, in fact they're a very real part of me. These ladies helped make me who I am today. However, soon after college we scattered around the country, raised families, laughed and cried with the ebbs and flows of life, always hopefully living life to the fullest.

And that makes me smile.

I remember the first day of college, clunking down the all girls dormitory hallway in my cowboy boots my sister had presented me. Meeting my diminutive roommate, Pam, for the first time (there wasn't facebook or even personal computers back in those days.) I was always jealous of her red curly hair that she could cut herself.

Then there was Karin -- the beauty queen who could pick up a chair with her teeth!

Susanne, the actress who participated in every play on campus.

Jan, the super artsy type that makes me totally jealous.

Bunny, the blond bombshell who had to fight off the boys.

Polly, totally in love with Ed, even back then.

Chris, who had everything going for her but didn't know it.

Being the only science major in the group when the boys upstairs played tricks with an eviscerated cat, I laughed while the others screamed. And the peanut butter in the bathroom, pennies in the door jams, panty raids, acting completely goofy while perfectly straight. It was a wonderful time of life. And I would do anything for any one of these gals if they needed. And still would.

Now both my boys are in college - and I wish them the same lasting friendships I was lucky to find with my buddies. For though the years have added characteristic creases around our eyes and possibly a few extra love handles around our waists, we are still the same, carefree people we were over 23 years ago. Older, wiser (hopefully) full of joy and wonder, every day yields another reason to smile.

I'm heading to the basement to drag out an old photo album and relish in some more refined memories.

Oh the things my boys will never know - and all the things their parents will never know.

It's probably much better for everyone this way.

Oops, I feel another gray hair of worry popping up on my head.