Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Old New York

Tom, the eldest, is safely ensconced in the apartment he'll be sharing for the summer during his trip to NY City. Well, perhaps that's a bit of an exaggeration. Last I heard he was munching burgers at Micky D's with his traveling companions. All dropped their suitcases at their respective domiciles, and immediately went out to eat. Unpacked? Nope. That's for later.

Now begins the first "real" day in NYC.

Being in a large city is like having adrenalin pumped through your veins. You can't help but be captured by the life, the continual motion and noises. Flashing lights. Honking horns. Yelling from the street corners. Then there's the "other" kind of yelling as well.
Broadway shows and glitz. Extreme wealth. Extreme poverty. Side by side on any given street.

Riding the subway, trying to act like you really do know where you're going when you don't.

Pretending to be a New Yorker when wearing a Davie County tee shirt.

North Carolina? Isn't that some third world country down south? (You have to imagine the accent.)

I guess some love the fast life - the city life. But not me. Not anymore.

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